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Returning to “civility,” another word for “good manners,” is a great idea, and we recommend it to one and all, with a reminder to our liberal friends that civility is not a one-way street reached only by a sharp left turn.

Dana Loesch, a spokesman for the National Rifle Association and a conservative media personality, tells how she has been forced to leave her home and find another place to live because hoodlums advocating more gun control threatened her, and sounded like they meant it.

Ms. Loesch, who was out front in defense of the Second Amendment in the days following the Las Vegas shooting, the worst mass slaying in U.S. history, says unnamed parties threatened to “come after me and my children.” One Twitter post was accompanied by a photograph of her house and a threat “to rape me to death.”

“Conservative women,” she says, “are regularly abused on social media by some of the same people slamming [Harvey] Weinstein.”

Anyone who lives and speaks in the public eye has to expect a certain level of abuse in modern America, and, to be sure, there’s abuse from both right and left. Rant and rage is the new national pastime. But liberals — or “progressives” as they want to be called this season — often define civility as deference to their politics and ideas.

Liberal activists often act as if the nobility of any of their causes entitles them to be heard, and conservatives in their eye generally stand only for evil. President Trump was harshly criticized when he suggested that not everyone who marched to honor the statue of Robert E. Lee and the memory of their Confederate forbears in Charlottesville were bigots, racists, and white supremacists with no redeeming social value, and that some of the followers of Black Lives Matter and Antifa came to Charlottesville looking for trouble.

Dana Loesch is taking reasonable precautions by changing the address of her family. The leftist nuts who threaten violence against conservatives are, more often than not, coddled by the media culture.

When right-wing thugs practice violence against abortion clinics and threaten abortion demonstrations, leaders of the pro-life movement routinely step forward without being asked to denounce the mischief and mayhem. No gun control activist, no gun-control champion in the Congress nor in Hollywood (where brutality and gun violence is the currency of the silver screen) has yet to demand that those threatening Dana Loesch and her children stop it. They shouldn’t have to be asked.

The road to civility runs in both directions. Showing a decent regard for the opinions of others neither requires nor suggests agreement with a conflicting opinion. Civility is just the right thing to do. Silence is not always golden. Sometimes it’s brass.

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