- - Sunday, October 8, 2017


As expected from the radical left, in the face of the tragic mass killings in Las Vegas the words of comfort to the grieving are rushed through to get to the usual political message about guns and the gun lobby. Forgive me, but I would like to offer another view on the subject of taking away our gun rights in order to stop senseless killing.

First, tough and ever tougher gun laws haven’t slowed down the killings on the streets of Baltimore or the other Democratic-run cities. Criminals and the mentally sick will get guns no matter what the laws say. What has been done to stop the illegal gun trade? What has been done to get judges to come down hard on those who use illegal guns? What was Baltimore City able to do recently? No one has the right to buy illegal guns.

Second, I’ve never seen a gun pull its own trigger. Humans pull triggers. Some do so with self-control, careful of others and for reasonable uses. Others do so with no control, no morals and no sense of others’ rights to life.

What group supports taking away others’ rights and ignoring the humanity of living beings? The abortion industry, supported by the radical left. No violence of this holocaust raises a whimper from them. Yet they deny any humanity to the constantly growing and changing fetus at any time during pregnancy. In order to get women’s votes, they deny the rights of the father and the baby and give all rights to the women. While they cry against sexist violence in other areas of human life, they are blind to the sexism of what they support.

I’ll gladly give up my true right to a gun if the left will give up violence in the womb, in some sports, on TV and in the movies, in electronic games and in politics.


Bel Air, Md.

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