- The Washington Times - Monday, September 4, 2017

Everyone knows that former President Barack Obama, our Great American Constitutional Law Professor, got mercilessly schooled by the Supreme Court during his eight years in office. Now he is getting schooled by a brash-talking, orange-haired reality-TV star and real-estate developer from Queens.

I mean, this is humiliating. And so delicious to watch!

President Trump never took a single law class — at least not that we know of. Because if he had, Mr. Trump would surely find a way to remind us every time he wanted to strut his legal stuff. Anyway, Trump University didn’t even have a law school.

Yet, Mr. Trump effortlessly runs legal circles around the Great Law Lecturer Barack Obama when it comes to understanding the Constitution.

The same Constitution Mr. Obama spent years studying. The same Constitution that Mr. Trump hires people to study for him.

The same Constitution both men got elected to protect and uphold. The same Constitution Mr. Obama spray-painted graffiti all over and the same Constitution that Mr. Trump is — finally — rescuing.

Whether it was Obamacare or the Defense of Marriage Act or illegal immigration, Mr. Obama made Swiss cheese of the most vital document in the modern civilized world. The document that spawned the greatest force for freedom on the planet. The document that — ultimately — freed slaves. The document that guarantees equality under law.

Mr. Obama shredded it whenever it suited his twisted needs and perverted political greed.

When he summarily rewrote the nation’s immigration laws — legalizing millions of illegals — it came after years of even he, himself, insisting that the president had no such authority under the Constitution.

That he later crumpled the Constitution — knowingly — in a cynical political gambit to woo Hispanic voters reveals just how constitutionally debauched Mr. Obama really was.

Mr. Obama’s blithe ignorance and selfish disregard of the Constitution was laid bare by a comprehensive study earlier this year that revealed that the Great Constitutional Law Lecturer had been rebuked by the Supreme Court more than any president in at least 70 years. And that was because the professors conducting the study only went back 70 years.

And now, after eight years of Mr. Obama wagging his big legal finger at “Stupid America,” we finally have a president who actually understands the Constitution and means to uphold it.

• Charles Hurt can be reached at churt@washingtontimes.com and on Twitter, @charleshurt.

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