- The Washington Times - Sunday, April 22, 2018

It’s not like the guy didn’t warn us.

“We’re gonna win so much,” then-candidate Donald Trump advised supporters, “you may even get tired of winning.”

“And you’ll say, ‘Please! Please! It’s too much winning! We can’t take it anymore, Mr. President, it’s too much’.”

By this point in his oration, Mr. Trump is yelling and the crowd it roaring.

“And I’ll say, ‘No, it isn’t. We have to keep winning. We have to win more. We’re gonna win more. We’re gonna win so much’.”

And so it has come to pass.

Amid all the press frothing and Democrat demagoguery over the phantom Russia collusion scandal, President Trump has been systematically and persistently chalking up victory after victory, making good on a long list of promises he made during the campaign.

Unlike previous presidents from either party, Mr. Trump is using his political authority to actually change the federal government. His predecessors talk about the “fierce urgency of now,” but really they only used their political authority to amass more political power.

In Washington, Democrats and Republicans alike don’t really want to change anything. They just want to keep and strengthen their own power.

Not so President Trump.

It’s lots of little things like incinerating miles and miles of red tape and stupid bureaucratic regulations in all rat-infested corners of the federal government. It is the kind of sweet justice innocent citizens long ago gave up hope of ever seeing.

It is also big things like the shredding of the so-called “Waters of the US” rule, which was one of the most tyrannical usurpations by an uncontrollable federal kleptocracy. Made by fiat, the rule basically ripped land from farmers, ranchers and landowners and handed control of it to bureaucrats inside the EPA.

By repealing the unlawful Obama-era ruling, Mr. Trump with a stroke of a pen restored land rights to millions of American land owners who rightly live in terror of getting into some long, drawn-out legal battle with EPA bureaucrats that could leave them broke. And homeless.

Is it any wonder EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt finds himself under so much intense heat from wacko “environmentalists” losing their last marbles over what he is doing to their beloved agency?

Mr. Trump’s successes can be seen beyond America’s borders, as well.

North Korea’s entreaties for peace would have been unimaginable under previous administrations. And while Mr. Trump is properly cautious about any real success, only the stingiest, most deluded partisan hack would not be pleased right now.

Forgive me for my own rumpled priorities. Saving tens of millions of fellow humans from annihilation in a nuclear holocaust would be great and all. But my favorite part about Mr. Trump ushering in peace on the Korean Peninsula would be watching those pious goats in Sweden have to hand over a Nobel Peace Prize to New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump!

Unlike past Nobel Prize winners Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, Albert Gore and Barack Obama, Mr. Trump will have actually accomplished something.

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