- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 9, 2018

CNN’s Jim Acosta insisted Wednesday night to late-night TV host Stephen Colbert that it’s not his goal to make headlines when he shouts aggressive questions at President Trump or publicly criticizes his supporters, he just cares about the country so much that he can’t seem to help himself.

“We’re not supposed to be the story,” Mr. Acosta, CNN’s chief White House correspondent, said on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

“That’s not why I’m out there,” he added. “You know, I get accused of that from time to time, and my attitude is, listen, I’m allowed to care about this country just as much as anybody else. And if you think that you can take children away from their parents on the border and put them in cages, if you think you can demonize immigrants and call them rapists and criminals, if you think that you can distort the sense of reality that we all have on a daily basis by telling lie after lie and falsehood after falsehood and not face any hard questions, then I think you’re just not living in the same United States of America that I live in.”

Mr. Colbert noted that Mr. Acosta had become “famous for” and received “some notoriety” for publicly quarreling with Mr. Trump and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during news conferences.

“We’re all fed up with the treatment that we’re receiving, and I’m not the only one to speak out about this,” Mr. Acosta explained, referring to Mr. Trump’s repeated attacks on “fake news.”

Mr. Acosta made headlines late last month after he posted a video in a still-pinned tweet that showed a “sad scene” of Trump supporters jeering at the press and flipping the middle finger at the president’s recent rally in Tampa.

Mr. Acosta later lamented that it didn’t feel like America. Fellow White House reporter April Ryan asserted that Mr. Acosta’s life was in danger, even though he was seen talking and taking selfies with rallygoers that same night.

Mr. Acosta said Trump supporters get a warped sense of the press because they watch Fox News and conservative media.

“My sense of it, Stephen, is that a lot of these folks, they get their impressions of what we do by watching other conservative outlets, they look at other conservative websites,” he said. “And these folks are focused on the coverage of the president’s behavior more so than the president’s behavior. To me, I think the president’s behavior is more newsworthy than our coverage. But a lot of these folks out there, they’re getting their sense of what we do twisted and warped by some people out there who just want to do the president’s bidding.”

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