- - Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Once again former FBI Director James Comey slithers into our collective consciousness with his tap-dancing appearances before the oversight committees of the House of Representatives. We are reminded — though we had not forgotten — why the inspector general of the Department of Justice found Comey’s self-promoting, stage-hogging performance as FBI director to be, among other blistering criticisms, “insubordinate.”

Comey did more to mess up the 2016 election than the ham-handed Russians could ever do. President Obama should have fired the guy long before President Trump so rightfully did so. Had Mr. Obama fired Mr. Comey, we would have been spared the Mueller circus with his clown car of deep-state careerists trying hard to undo a democratically elected president based on payments to shady ladies for Trump dalliances many years ago. They were hoping to nail Mr. Trump for being a KGB agent, but that doesn’t seem to be working out.

Much of this sorry affair, which has the potential to be so much more dangerous than the petulant political and media establishments realize, started with the bumbling and ubiquitous James Comey. He is like Anthony Weiner in how his mischief making far exceeds any real import he ever had. Now he is the one who is going to rescue the FBI’s soiled reputation? Give me a break. Mr. Comey should just go get a job at MSNBC, fail there, and then go away. Please.


Cumberland, Md.

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