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The verbal and legal assaults on the current American presidency have a great deal in common with events occurring in the United Kingdom, including the government’s attempt to evade the mandate of the people to leave the European Union, and the jailing of Tommy Robinson for merely speaking the truth about the impact of Britain’s cultural surrender.

In both nations, establishment elitists, allied with the left and diametrically opposed to middle-class interests, have rejected the results of democracy while continuing to give lip service to the practice. The electorate in both nations, according to them, voted “the wrong way” and a course correction must be undertaken, despite constitutional and legal prohibitions against doing so.

Key issues in the two countries that have proven frustrating for socialists and elites are dealt with in ways that seek to mask the reality that the will of people is being ignored. In the U.K., that includes interminable foot dragging on Brexit, and chilling free speech rights of individuals pointing out the harm done to British society by the European Union’s ill-conceived immigration policies.

In the United States, politically biased judges have sought to unlawfully revoke presidential authority, while key intelligence agency leaders such as former CIA Director John Brennan and former FBI Director Robert Mueller do all they can to hamstring the White House with unsubstantiated allegations. The refusal of the U.S. Justice Department to cooperate with congressional investigators is the most open revolt against constitutional government since the Civil War.

The issue, in both Britain and America, has moved far beyond the question of whether one approves of a particular elected official or policy. It is now a question of whether the will of free peoples expressed at the ballot box is subject to a veto by elitist figures, left-leaning media and unresponsive bureaucrats.

This authoritarian joint turn by both globalist elites and the hard left was seen as necessary due to the growing general anger over the detrimental impact of their policies. Disturbingly, that detrimental impact may well have been intentional.

Kyle Smith, writing in the New York Post, observed: “Inequality has risen. Jobs are going overseas. The more the stock market rises, the more the working class feels crushed by globalization. And all of this has occurred exactly as Democrats have engineered it ” Mr. Smith reports that Larry Summers, once one of President Obama’s leading economic advisers stated (and later denied saying) that “One of the reasons that inequality has probably gone up in our society is that people are being treated closer to the way that they’re supposed to be treated.”

The dramatic weakening of the middle class, which consistently occurs in socialist nations (the latest being Venezuela) is seen as an acceptable, indeed, even welcomed, by-product of the policies of the globalists.

All this occurs, not coincidentally, as socialist principles and perspectives have been promoted into the mainstream by activists and media supporters, as evidenced by primary victories for individuals such as New York City’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who defeated powerful incumbent and presumed heir to Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Joe Crowley) and the popularity of Bernie Sanders.

While the marriage of plutocrats such as George Soros and Tom Steyer to the socialist leanings of Mr. Sanders and Miss Ocasio-Cortez may seem an odd one, the worldview of both have very much in common. Both socialists and elitist leaders share a belief that individuals lack the competence to administer their own lives. For different reasons, both have a distaste for national borders.

Socialism and elitistism are the currently fashionable excuse for authoritarian actions. Absolute monarchs, fascist dictatorships and theocratic rulers all share the same top-down philosophy of governance. Only the trappings and excuses are different.

 • Frank Vernuccio is editor in chief of the New York Analysis of Policy and Government.

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