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For eight years, the sane-minded of America suffered under a socialist-minded Barack Obama who scoffed law, mocked the Constitution and destroyed all that mattered on pretty near all matters tied to virtue, tradition, humble service and competent leadership.

Now Donald Trump has come and with just over a year of leadership, has steadily and surely begun to repair what Obama broke.

He’s dismantling the previous administration’s dismantling, so to speak.

Veni, vidi, vici. He’s come, he’s seen and he’s definitely, most definitely in the very throes of conquering.

The detestable Iran deal that gave U.S. tax dollars to a rogue, anti-Israel, anti-America regime with nuclear weapons’ designs? Gone, tossed on the trash heap of Bad Ideas Borne By Bad Politicians.

The cool-to-cold relations between historical friends and allies America and Israel? Gone, replaced by a new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv — and a staunch defense of the Jewish state that has gone viral, so to speak, and led to the transfer of other countries’ embassies to Jerusalem, notably, Paraguay and Guatemala.

The ongoing imprisonment of three Americans of South Korean descent in North Korea’s brutal camps? Done and over. Kim Jong-un released the three as a step toward improved relations with the United States — “after nearly seven decades of mutual antagonism,” as The New York Times put it.

That last even won Trump claps from some of his biggest detractors on the left and in the media.

“Hugely significant morning here at the White House for President Trump,” said NBC News’ Kristen Welker to “Today Show” host Savannah Guthrie, during a breaking news segment.

“Great news!” wrote CNN’s Jake Tapper, above a retweet of Trump’s announcement of the release of the Americans.

Tapper followed that with another tweeted message that read: “Fantastic news — on their way home: Tony Kim, detained on April 22, 2017; Kim Hak-song, detained on May 6, 2017; Kim Dong-chul, detained in October 2015.”

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ed Markey, who serves on the Foreign Relations Committee, called the release of the Americans a “positive step” that “demonstrates that the combination of pressure and direct engagement is critical for making progress with North Korea,” The New York Times reported.

Hear that, holdout lefties who continue to hate all-things-Trump? “Pressure and direct engagement,” according to one of your party’s own, is more effective in dealing with North Korea than diplomatic ballyhoo and talk-at-all-costs deal-making. Not to get all Yoda-ey, but quite the leader, Trump is proving, eh?

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell chipped in with some words of praise for the president, too — yes, the same president he normally doesn’t shy from publicly criticizing and legislatively stymying. McConnell said: “[I’m hopeful that] by approaching our ongoing negotiations with clear eyes, we can build on this progress and pursue a verifiable agreement to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear arms.”

Now toss in an improved economy that has seen 17-year highs in consumer confidence indexes; a White House toss of dozens of environmental rules and federally imposed regulations that hampered growth; an administration messaging to illegals that tells them don’t bother — we’re not your open borders Obama any more; a stock market that’s booming; a trade situation that’s moving rapidly to the side of favoring America; and an energy plan that is leading the country on a path of independence and job creation — and it’s clear: Trump’s winning where Obama failed.

Veni, vidi, vici. Dear Obama, from Trump.

That’s the sound of this White House’s killing of progressivism-slash-socialism, its open embrace of America First capitalism and freedoms, and its conquering of all that was abominable — all that led the United States to lead from behind, from a position of apology and weakness. No more, no more; let the conquering continue.

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