- The Washington Times - Saturday, May 5, 2018

DALLAS — Chris Cox, who heads the National Rifle Association’s legislative-lobbying arm, on Saturday warned that “everything will be on table” if Democrats gain ground in coming national elections, saying the agenda of his group’s opponents include impeaching President Trump and abolishing the Second Amendment.

“If we lose Congress and the White House, we don’t have to guess what they’ll do to our rights — they’re already openly calling for a complete repeal of the Second Amendment,” Mr. Cox said at the NRA’s annual meeting of members at the group’s 2018 convention. “Everything will be on the table.”

Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens recently made such a call to repeal the Second Amendment in an opinion piece for the New York Times.

Mr. Cox also said opponents want to flip the House and make House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaker again so lawmakers can impeach Mr. Trump.

“And if they can’t impeach him before 2020 comes around, they’ll make the path for him to win in 2020 real shaky, real fast,” he said.

“The other side’s on fire right now,” he said. “They’re angry. They’re energized, and they’re giving money like crazy.”

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“They think they’re just months away from total victory,” he said, reading recent comments from Mrs. Pelosi predicting Democrats would win and she would run for speaker again.

“Here’s the truth: It’s either going to be Nancy Pelosi’s vision, or ours,” he said.

“So steel yourselves and lock arms,” he said. “They want a fight, so we’ll give it to them.”

“To all who dream of tearing apart the God-given rights of innocent people, to every politician fighting to deprive us of the same security you insist on for yourselves, we say bring it on,” he said.

“Hit us with everything you’ve got,” he said. “Throw every punch, every insult, every ounce of venom right at us and we’ll come right back at you stronger than you [can] ever imagine.”

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