- The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy pushed back against a protester this week after she confronted him about his unwavering support for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.

The Louisiana senator was walking down a Senate Office hallway Monday when a liberal activist and former Bernie Sanders staffer accused him of supporting a rapist.

“Why wouldn’t I support Kavanaugh?” Mr. Cassidy asked, according to a video tweeted by The Daily Caller’s reporter-at-large Benny Johnson.

“Because rapists are bad,” the protester responded.

A final vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court has been delayed as the FBI conducts an investigation on multiple sexual misconduct allegations against the judge, which he has categorically denied.

Mr. Cassidy, who does not sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee tasked with confirming Judge Kavanaugh to the high court, but who has expressed unwavering support for the judge, pointed out that neither of the three women accusing the judge of misconduct have provided corroborating evidence to back up their claims.

“Are you OK as a person to go ahead and to accept a non-corroborated charge to destroy someone’s life?” Mr. Cassidy asked the protester. “If it destroyed your life, your son’s life, or your husband’s? Wait a second, answer my question. If it was your husband, your son, your father, whose life has been destroyed by non-corroborated — would you like that?”

“I wouldn’t marry somebody that was a drunk,” the protester responded.

“Oh no, wait a second,” Mr. Cassidy said. “Uncorroborated. Answer the question. I don’t think you’re able to, because you know it’s unfair.”

In another video tweeted by liberal activist group UltraViolet, the protester told Mr. Cassidy that Judge Kavanaugh is not on trial and that he is simply submitting to a “job interview.”

“Oh I see, so it doesn’t matter if you destroy somebody without evidence,” the senator responded before the video cut out.

In addition to the FBI’s re-opened background check of Judge Kavanaugh, Mr. Cassidy has called for an investigation into “potential coordination between the Democrat operatives and lawyers that assisted in bringing” the allegations against the conservative judge.

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