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The left has a new tool to bring illegals to America — to wedge border doors a bit wider in defiance of law and order — and it goes like this: climate change.

The weather.

The weather is making people flee their countries and come to America.

And as the left sees it, America has a duty — an obligation — to let these poor people in and take care of them.

Wow. This is a new low even for the left. It’s U.N.-speak, pure and simple.

While discussing President Donald Trump’s proposal to relocate immigrants to sanctuary cities on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Washington’s Gov. Jay Inslee, who’s also running for the Democratic ticket to the White House, said this, Breitbart reported: “This is yet another bombastic chaos that is simply not going to work for this ineffective president for several reasons.”

So what’s your solution to the border problem, Governor?

“Number one,” Inslee said, “I would attack climate change because a lot of these people are climate refugees. Not all, but a lot of them.”


This is straight out of the playbook of the United Nations.

“Research indicates that the Earth’s climate is changing at a rate that has exceeded most scientific forecasts. Some families and communities have already started to suffer from disasters and the consequences of climate change, which has forced them to leave their homes in search of a new beginning,” according to the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. “UNHCR recognizes that the consequences of climate change are extremely serious.”

So serious, in fact, the UNHCR happens to have a handy-dandy Global Compact on Refugees — an international agreement adopted by the General Assembly last December that requires participating nations to provide food, clothing, shelter and la dee da, practically everything for those fleeing “environmental degradation and natural disasters.”

And guess what: America is not a participating nation in this agreement.

America is not bound by its agreements or beliefs.

“We believe the Compact and the process that led to its adoption … represent an effort by the United Nations to advance global governance at the expense of the sovereign right of States to manage their immigration systems in accordance with their national laws, policies and interests,” the U.S. Mission to the United States said on Dec. 7.

Yep. So it is.

But the left is trying to bypass GOP-dominated congressional will on climate change and immigration and to undercut this White House on border control, by pretending weather patterns are rational reasons to allow illegals a new American home.

By hooking and crooking and guilting this country into buying into the United Nations’ whole “climate refugee” argument.

By acting as if acts of God — which is what we’re talking about here, people, acts of God, not “climate refugees” — ought to automatically open wide U.S. borders.

Heck, most insurance companies won’t even pay homeowners for acts of God. Yet America is supposed to drop its borders for anybody and everybody claiming a drought killed their crops, or a flood destroyed their home, or the too-hot sun drove tempers to the point of war?

Watch and listen carefully. This is the Democratic Party’s newest try to peel back border controls and bring in their newest batch of voters — the illegals. Watch and listen carefully as all the Democratic Party’s presidential candidates cry “climate refugee” and call on America to solve this so-called international crisis.

Just know: It’s coming from the United Nations. And it’s not about helping refugees — it’s about opening borders and killing America’s sovereignty.

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