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Maybe a better headline for “How federalism is making a difference on Western lands” (Web, Aug. 19) would be, “Federalism saves the environment, food supply, human health and endangered species, and arrests climate change.” This is yet another example of regenerative agriculture. These ranchers are just following the Allen Savory/Joel Salatin approach to land and ruminant animal management to maximize return and preserve land and water resources, not to mention animal and plant species and required habitats. For those obsessed with climate change, these western ranchers, as well as the White Mountain Apaches, have preserved and increased a natural carbon sink.

Every time the federal government puts a single animal on the endangered list it results in the destruction of an ecological system. It is devoid of sustained ecological-system management. Either this nonsense stops or we all going to be living (or dying) in a desert. If you are getting paranoid about sea levels rising, the polar ice melt is nothing compared to the result of federal policy that basically shifts the water in the soil back to the oceans. If you consider this absurd, just look at the area in the Middle East that used to be known as the Fertile Crescent. Or read about what the West looked like when it was inhabited only by Apaches.


Reston, Va.

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