- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A white psychology professor at Western Connecticut State University penned a new op-ed that wished for the “demise” of the white race in favor of “people who would be better stewards of the earth.”

Daniel Barrett, writing for The Good Men Project website, declared that while he is “blinded by” his whiteness, he is nonetheless a “traitor” to his own race because of his willingness to see it vanish “into oblivion.”

“I am a traitor to my race,” he wrote. “If the white race were to slowly diminish in number and influence over time, eventually vanishing into the oblivion to which it has cast so many others, to be replaced with people who would be better stewards of the earth and more respectful of the rights of all humans, then I would welcome this.”

The professor continued, “If the survival of the white race is based on the continual exploitation of others (any others, whether they be so-called nonwhite, or of any group different from one that I belong to), on oppression of its own (or subsets therein), on the increasing destruction of the environment, on the total demolition of value (e.g., truth, integrity, honesty, defense of the common good, commonsense, love broadly construed, recognition of the inherent humanity of others, and so on), then it should be allowed to dissolve into oblivion, erode into nothingness, (d)evolve into nonexistence. I would be okay with the demise (but not destruction) of ‘my’ race.”

Mr. Barrett went on to say that “white has no intrinsic meaning, no import, no value,” and that “whiteness has no nation, no culture, no essence.”

Still, he wrote, he has benefitted from white privilege throughout his life.

“I am blinded by my whiteness and am unable to see myself for who I am (not),” he wrote. “My whiteness is an accident of history and ought to be trivial. Yet it reverberates through the fabric of my being and my consciousness, seemingly without limit. Whiteness needs to go a-way.”

The op-ed was reported by right-leaning websites Campus Reform and Breitbart News before it was apparently taken down. Mr. Barrett did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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