- - Monday, February 4, 2019

Legalization of recreational marijuana use is being advocated by lunatics or liars. That’s my conclusion as a former director of a residential ministry to drug and alcoholic addicted men for 10 years, and who also headed up a special counseling project for a few years with addicted men in a local prison. Practically to a man, the testimony was, marijuana started them onto years of harder drugs.

Anyone with experience knows this to be the case almost across the board in the drug scene. The public officials and so-called “experts” who are pushing for legalization of recreational marijuana should be totally disqualified as being ignorant or dishonest. Talk of an “evolution” in thinking on the matter is more evidence of another area of moral decadence of America. There’s no solving the opioid epidemic when we refuse to not only deal with the root causes of addiction, but we also allow unqualified people make public policy and moral decisions about things they know little about.


Christiana, Pa.

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