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CNN has just accepted the resignation — code for “resign or we’ll fire you” — of photo editor Mohammed Elshamy over messages he posted on Twitter in 2011 that went, in part, like this: Die, all you “Jewish pigs.”

No doubt there’ll be some sensitivity training coming ‘round the mountain for CNN’s remaining.

But memo to CNNers, a short list of do’s and don’ts could start this way: You can’t be calling Jewish people pigs.

Just don’t do it.

Like the Nike ad, only opposite.

Elshamy, on March 23, 2011, wrote this in a tweet, as reported by the Jewish Journal: “More than 4 jewish pigs killed in #Jerusalem today by the Palestinian bomb explode.”

See that? That’s a no-no. Classic, textbook no-no.

He also tweeted in 2011, “Israel is the main enemy for the people of Egypt and shall always remain despite rules who lick Jewish legs.”

And between 2010 and 2012, Elshamy also posted tweets that crowed, “HAMAS HAMAS HAMAS”; that mocked “#Netanyahu is a JOKE”; and that said, “Despite everything happening now in Egypt, I’m proud of the army generation that liberated us from the Zionist pigs.”

Elshamy managed to escape CNN censors and get hired in January; it was Arthur Schwartz, a Republican strategist, who brought the shameful tweets to light just this week.

Elshamy’s Twitter account is now private.

And CNN, meanwhile, has issued an apology.

“The network has accepted the resignation of a photo editor, who joined CNN earlier this year, after anti-Semitic statements he’d made in 2011 came to light,” said one CNN vice president, Matt Dornic, in a statement. “CNN is committed to maintaining a workplace in which every employee feels safe, secure and free from discrimination regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.”

Yes. So, too, is The New York Times, no doubt — the paper that was just outed for some anti-Semitism of its own, via its cartoon pages and an eye-raising image of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a Star of David-wearing guide dog.

And that — against a backdrop of a Democratic Party that couldn’t quite find its way to issue a resolution condemning the anti-Semitic remarks of one of its own members, opting instead for a rather bland bill decrying all forms of discrimination and racism, particularly against Muslims.

It’s enough to make one wonder: Where’s all this anti-Semitism heading?

That’s a bit of an unknown. What’s known, however, is where it’s coming from: the left.

The Democrats.

The progressives and liberals and leftists who dominate in the media.

House cleaning is in order. There’s no room in news, in Congress, in America for hatred against Jews. It’s not only intolerant and ignorant. It’s also risky spiritual business. They are, after all, God’s chosen people.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter, @ckchumley.

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