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“Somebody’s Gotta Do It” host Mike Rowe said Colin Kaepernick’s reported objections to a now-recalled line of Nike sneakers featuring the Betsy Ross flag are “unpersuasive” and “completely void of logic.”

Mr. Rowe, the former host of the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” who has become a household name among blue-collar conservatives for his everyman and often patriotic words of wisdom, weighed in on the Nike controversy on the Fourth of July after Mr. Kaepernick reportedly pressured the company into pulling an Independence Day shoe featuring the early American flag design because of its connections to slavery.

In a lengthy Facebook post responding to a fan, Mr. Rowe argued that Mr. Kaepernick has every right to voice his opinion, as does Nike have the right to make their own business decisions, but that the consumer also has the right to point out the “flaws” in their thinking. Quoting George Orwell, the TBN host wrote, “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

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“In other words, we can’t deny Kaepernick’s right to speak his mind, but we shouldn’t ignore the flaws in his thinking,” Mr. Rowe said. “He has argued that the Betsy Ross flag is ‘racist,’ because it flew at a time when slavery was legal in America. By that definition, aren’t crosses are also racist? Weren’t they on churches attended by slave-owning congregants? Why not demand their removal? What about the Bald Eagle? Wasn’t our national bird flying around when slaves were held? Why not protest it as well? What about the Great Seal? E Pluribus Unum? The Liberty Bell? It rang countless times while slavery was still the law of the land. Why not demand its removal?

Kaepernick’s argument is unpersuasive, not because it’s unpopular, or unpatriotic. It’s unpersuasive because it’s completely void of logic,” he wrote.

Mr. Rowe’s post has been shared nearly 40,000 times.

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