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British columnist and TV anchor Piers Morgan predicted Thursday that President Trump will “comfortably” win his reelection in 2020 if Democrats keep playing the same hand that led to their stunning defeat in 2016.

Writing for The Daily Mail, Mr. Morgan claimed that Mr. Trump’s performance during his campaign kickoff rally in Orlando on Tuesday “exuded the confident all-conquering swagger of someone who defied all polls and logic last time, and fully intends to do so again.”

Mr. Morgan said Democrats, and the media, continue to downplay Mr. Trump’s influence and don’t understand the “enormity of the fight” they will face against him in 2020.

“They’re brimming with the same entitled, arrogant ‘we’ll beat Trump because he’s a moron’ nonsense that Hillary spewed throughout the last campaign to catastrophic self-harm,” Mr. Morgan wrote. “They don’t really have their own plan to make — or keep! — America great, other than to demonize the President all over again, aided and abetted by a largely liberal media that’s lost all sense of impartiality over Trump and just rants hysterically about him 24/7 because a) it makes them feel good and b) it makes them big money.

“So it all feels like déjà vu to me,” he continued. “Trump’s running the same playbook with the same messaging to the same enthralled base, and his opponents, and the Trump-bashing media, are playing right into his hands all over again. The Democrats have just 20 months to sort their own sh*t out, or what they perceive as the Trump sh*t show gets another four years.”

Mr. Morgan claimed that Mr. Trump has been able to keep his base happy by fulfilling on major campaign promises concerning the economy and getting conservatives on the Supreme Court. The president has also attained a massive war chest for his reelection and has the support of his party this time around, Mr. Morgan argued.

“So as things stand — and notwithstanding unexpected events that can derail any presidency — I am going to ignore the polls and predict Trump will win comfortably in 2020,” Mr. Morgan wrote. “To all those who scoff at this prediction, I simply remind you that you all scoffed last time when I repeatedly said Trump would win despite widespread poll evidence to the contrary.”

Mr. Morgan also cited a recent tweet by liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, another one of the rare voices who correctly predicted the 2016 election outcome, after he said Democrats need to be ready for the fight coming their way in 2020.

“He hasn’t lost one inch of his fired-up base,” Mr. Moore said Wednesday.

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