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OSAKA, Japan — At a time when the American political press could not possibly do any more to embarrass itself, CNN’s Jim Acosta strikes again. This time overseas after President Trump spent the weekend meeting with the world’s most powerful leaders.

“Do you agree,” Mr. Acosta slithered, “that it is despicable for a government to kill a journalist?”

Who gave this idiot a microphone? Who gave him a press badge? Who would give this nut a minute of airtime?

CNN, apparently.

The once-vaunted international television network was once known for its brave reporters who covered wars under falling bombs from inside the war zone. Once known for its fearless correspondents who went behind enemy lines to shine a bright light on evil dictators. Once known for its serious reporters who brought attention to atrocities and famine in the farthest corners of the world.

Now, Jim Acosta — preening before cameras like a wounded peacock who doesn’t know his plumage has all fallen out. The only feathers left are soggy, wet and dull.

Yet on he preens and struts and clucks — a sad display and an embarrassment to all the other birds.

Mr. Acosta gets a shot at asking the leader of the free world a question. An opportunity like that is a responsibility for any real reporter. A chance to give voice to the millions and millions of Americans who will never get a shot at asking a president a question. An opportunity to shed light on some hidden injustice. An opportunity to inform and improve our body politic.

And this ridiculous bozo asks the president whether he opposes a part-time newspaper columnist being murdered and brutally dismembered with a bone saw. Seriously?

He asked this in front of a roomful of reporters from around the world. What must those people think of America? The seriousness of our press? What a joke.

But Mr. Acosta was LIVE! At 2:30 in the morning back home! At a time of day when Public Access television is beating CNN in most markets. Oh, but the glamour of the camera!

One might be tempted to say Mr. Acosta is an embarrassment to his profession, but there is nothing professional about the guy. He is an embarrassment to village idiots.

CNN should strip him of his press credentials. He should be forced to file as a registered lobbyist for the Democrat National Committee or whatever committee handles this virulent strain of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Someone needs to change his diaper and shove a pacifier in his suckling lips.

Responding to this unserious nitwit, Mr. Trump answered the way a parent answers a crybaby having a temper tantrum.

“Yes, I do. I think it’s horrible,” Mr. Trump replied flatly.

Mr. Trump has witnessed enough drama and theatrics from Jim Acosta to know what he is in for whenever Mr. Acosta gets a question. Yet the president calls on him anyway.

So much for this whole ridiculous lie that Mr. Trump wants to shut down the media. He doesn’t even shut down the fake media, the true Enemy of the People. Not only that, he calls on them.

Like James Madison and Thomas Jefferson before him, Mr. Trump understands that freedom can be messy. And it is best to let ludicrous loudmouths like Jim Acosta have their say, like the raving lunatic caterwauling on the street corner gets his. Best to just let the nut vent.

And then serious people can all get on with the serious work at hand. As Mr. Acosta smears his pureed peas-and-carrots baby food all over the tray of his high chair, smiles in greasy satisfaction, passes gas into his fetid diaper and hiccups.

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