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In between the first and second hour of the Democratic Party’s presidential debate in Ohio was a brief commercial from the Freedom From Religion Foundation calling for watchers to remember that secularism was a founding father plan for America’s government from the get-go and that those who say differently are, well — uninformed.

Come on in guys, the fire’s warm.

Ronald Prescott Reagan — the son of the late, great President Ronald Reagan — actually made the pitch for FFRF on national TV, wrapping with this mocking line: “I’m a lifelong atheist, I’m not afraid of burning in hell.”

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Still: Can you think of any ad more suitable for showing at a Democratic Party event than one from an atheist-linked organization?

In 2012, the party faced concerted push-back for dropping “God” from its platform — so concerted, in fact, the powers-who-be quickly reversed.

“Democrats Rapidly Revise Platform to Include ‘God,’” ABC News reported, shortly after headlines like this one, from The Washington Post, rocked and roiled September 2012 news feeds: “Democrats under fire for removing ‘God’ from party platform.”

Fast-forward a few years, and Democrats haven’t exactly confessed and repented.

“Democrats still haven’t faced their God problem,” The New York Post wrote in 2017.

And this, from the polling FiveThirtyEight.com site: “Why Democrats Struggle To Mobilize A ‘Religious Left.’”

That list is probably long.

But here’s one reason for sure: ‘Cause they let atheist-minded groups like FFRF advertise during their party’s presidential debates.

Mocking God by mocking the existence of hell is not exactly the key to a good Christian’s heart. Neither is revising and rewriting U.S. history to make it seem as if the founding fathers were completely devoid of religion, faith and belief in a higher power — and that they wanted the rest of us, including the government of, by and for the people, to be that way, too.

But oh how so Democratic.

If it’s not “impeach Trump,” it’s denying and disdaining God. Truly, Democrats don’t have much to offer America at all.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter, @ckchumley.

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