- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Transgender champion cyclist Rachel McKinnon, who won the gold medal and set a women’s world record at the 2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championship on Saturday, is blasting critics who say she has an unfair advantage because she’s biologically male.

Ms. McKinnon, who is also a philosophy professor at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, told Sky News before the race that she thinks it’s “not fair” for people to support transgender rights in every other part of society except sports.

“All my medical records say female,” she said. “My doctor treats me as a female person, my racing license says female, but people who oppose my existence still want to think of me as male. … There’s a stereotype that men are always stronger than women, so people think there is an unfair advantage. By preventing trans women from competing or requiring them to take medication, you’re denying their human rights.”

Ms. McKinnon’s repeated wins against women have sparked a spirited debate about the future of gender-segregated sports. Some feminists argue the transgender movement is slowly eroding women’s foothold in the industry.

Former cycling champion Victoria Hood told Sky News that she thinks it’s unfair for transgender women to have an upper hand on cisgender women because of their biological makeup.

“The male body, which has been through male puberty, still retains its advantage, that doesn’t go away,” she said. “I have sympathy with [trans athletes]. They have a right to do sport but not a right to go into any category they want.”

Even President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., weighed in on Ms. McKinnon’s win on Monday, tweeting, “You can never be woke enough! Sorry to all female athletes who spent their lives mastering their games.”

Ms. McKinnon responded to the backlash on Twitter, saying she has the science to back up her position.

“Many people claim to support trans women,” she wrote. “But often they only support us until our lives impact them in any meaningful way. In my case, people literally say they support trans women … but not in sport. There can be no ‘but.’ We are either full and equal women, or not. We are.

“And babes, facts don’t care about your feelings: medical professionals (WHO, AMA), mental health practitioners (both APA’s), and sport (IOC) all say that trans women are *real* women, are really female. Cry about it all you want. Your feelings won’t change the facts that we are,” she continued. “There’s no need for me to change *your* misguided opinion on the matter. You *don’t* matter. Sorry. You don’t. Everyone who *does* matter already says we’re real women, really female.”

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