- - Monday, October 7, 2019


Every day, hundreds of thousands of responsible, legally armed citizens move among us, all across America — on our streets, in our stores and elsewhere. We don’t recognize them or even think of them because remarkably, in spite of their numbers, we never hear of one of them causing trouble with a gun, though they often put a stop to robberies and killings, usually without firing a shot.

For years we’ve been seeking that one gun control law which would save lives. It’s been right under our noses all along. It’s the law that would abolish ‘gun-free zones’ while leaving private citizens to determine whether weapons are welcome on their property.

Those same legally armed citizens would be sitting with us in church and synagogue and standing in line with us at the bank. Suddenly, schools, parks, government-office buildings, sporting events, etc., would be much safer — because those who would invade our peace with their weapons would now fear those good guys with guns whom we’ve all heard about. Those who manage to overcome that fear would indeed meet those guys, and the body count would surely be much lower.

The time has come for such a law.


St. Augustine, Fla.

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