- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren refused to answer a question from late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert on Tuesday about whether she’ll raise taxes on the middle class in order to fund her “Medicare for All” plan.

“How are you going to pay for it? Are you going to raise the middle-class taxes?” Mr. Colbert asked the Massachusetts senator on “The Late Show.”

“So, here’s how we’re going to do this,” Ms. Warren began. “Costs are going to go up for the wealthiest Americans, for big corporations —”

“Taxes, which is what you mean by ‘costs?’ ” Mr. Colbert interjected.

“Yes, and hardworking middle-class families are going to see their costs go down,” Ms. Warren said.

“But will their taxes go up?” Mr. Colbert asked.

“Well, but here’s the thing,” Ms. Warren said, ignoring the question.

“No, but here’s the thing,” Mr. Colbert fired back. “I’ve listened to these answers a few times before, and I just want to make a parallel suggestion for you about how you might defend the taxes that perhaps you’re not mentioning in your sentence.

“Isn’t Medicare for All like public school?” the liberal host continued. “There might be taxes for it, but you certainly save money sending your kids to school, and do you want to live in a world where your kids aren’t educated? Do you want to live in a world where your fellow citizens are dying even if it costs a little bit of money?”

“I accept your point and I believe in your point,” Ms. Warren responded before launching into her campaign pitch that “nobody has to go bankrupt over health care if we get Medicare for All.”

“Health care is a basic human right,” she said. “We fight for basic human rights, and that’s Medicare for All. Everyone gets covered.”

Ms. Warren has declined to say outright whether she will raise taxes on the middle class if she’s elected president, in contrast to presidential candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont, who has admitted he would have to in order to pay for his Medicare for All plan.

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