- The Washington Times - Friday, September 20, 2019

A Colorado woman confronted Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke during a town hall Thursday about his radical plan to force Americans to sell their assault rifles to the federal government.

Mr. O’Rourke has repeatedly defended his mandatory gun “buyback” proposal after he declared during last week’s Democratic primary debate, “Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

He later explained that he, as president, would work with local law enforcement in ensuring that every American who owns an assault rifle peacefully hands them over to the government.

At a town hall meeting in Aurora near the site of the 2012 movie theater mass shooting, Mr. O’Rourke was challenged by a woman who said she drove three hours from Rifle, Colorado, to defend her Second Amendment rights to the candidate, The Denver Post reported.

“I was one of the gun-owning Americans who heard you speak regarding your ‘Hell yes, I’m going to take your AR-15s and AK-47s.’ Well, I’m here to say, ‘Hell no, you’re not,’” Lauren Boebert said to Mr. O’Rourke.

“I want to know how you intend to legislate the hearts of men and leave American citizens like myself — American mothers — I have four children, I am 5-foot-0, 100 pounds, I cannot really defend myself with a fist,” she said.

“You don’t need an AK-47!” a man interrupted.

“I don’t have my AR-15 today. I have my Glocks,” Ms. Boebert told the man. “Don’t worry, sir, I have your back.”

Mr. O’Rourke had to repeatedly ask the crowd to be respectful and let the woman finish her point.

“Anyway,” she said, turning back to Mr. O’Rourke. “I want to know how you’re going to legislate that because a criminal breaks the law, so all you’re going to do is restrict law-abiding citizens, like myself. … Self-defense is a right that we have that shall not be infringed in America.”

Mr. O’Rourke responded by saying, “I refuse to accept” that people are inherently evil, The Denver Post reported.

“This doesn’t happen in any other country,” he said. “There are 329 million of us. There are 390 million guns. No other country has this kind of ratio. No other country allows its citizens to buy weapons that were designed for war. … The logic of your argument is, Why shouldn’t we allow you to have a bazooka or drive a tank down the street?”

The former Texas congressman hesitated when pressed on how the buyback would work, a local CBS affiliate reported.

“I would expect our fellow Americans to follow the law,” he said. “If they don’t and they flagrantly abuse that law, yes, that weapon would be taken from them.”

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