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China’s illustrious communist leader, Xi Jinping, said during a Climate Ambition Summit address to the world’s nations that “no one can be aloof,” that “unilateralism will get us nowhere,” and that “COVID-19 is triggering deep reflections on the relationship between man and nature” — so much so that the idea of “global climate governance” is becoming widely accepted.

Read the tea leaves. He’s talking about ushering in a system of global governance by using a two-punch fright fight called climate change and COVID-19.

The blunt unabashed openness of his strategy is what’s so astonishing.

This is the communist party’s chief mouthpiece outright announcing a modern-day how-to for taking over the world. It’s a plan to ratchet fear and regulatory controls on the fearful populations, to the point where all individual freedoms are ultimately choked. And here’s the nail-biting jolt of reality: A Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration is just what the good communist doctor ordered to bring this plan to fruition.

“First, we need to close ranks and make new advances in climate governance that features cooperation and win-win,” Xi said.

“Second, we need to raise ambition and foster a new architecture of climate governance where every party does its part,” Xi also said.

“China has made important contributions to adopting the Paris Agreement and has made active efforts toward implementing it. … China always honors its commitments,” Xi also said.

What a great speech for a post-America First, President Donald Trump world. Insert sarcasm here.

After all, it was Trump who removed America from the dastardly Paris agreement. It was Trump and his Make America Great Again political compass that pointed to this agreement as unduly clamping America’s ability to prosper.

And so it would.

And with a likely Biden White House in January, so it shall.

One of Biden’s first promised moves is to put America back in the Paris agreement.

Between the crippling of our production activities that will come from forced government restrictions on business and energy sectors, and the sucking of taxpayer coffers due to the redistributions of wealth the Paris agreement will demand — but without calling it redistribution of wealth, of course — America 2021 is poised, with or without COVID-19, for a shuttered economy.

The idea of a communist capitalizing on America’s COVID-19 and climate vulnerabilities is the scary part.

“The future of global climate governance is drawing greater attention,” Xi said.

As should the future of America, come 2021. Drawing greater attention — and greater, ever greater concern.

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