- - Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Frustration is such a pathetically inadequate word to describe how I and tens of millions of other Americans feel about the 2020 presidential election. A political party is in the process of successfully cheating its way into the presidency, and that cheating is being done in full view and with the complete support of the mainstream media and cowardly elected legislators and state and federal judges.

Every word written and spoken by the mainstream media has been directed at undermining and belittling the claims of fraud by the Trump campaign and its allies, regardless of how accurate those claims appear. The latest effort is the “report” delivered to us in headlines with breathless excitement that Attorney Gen. William Barr concluded the Department of Justice had not found enough fraud to warrant overturning the election. I immediately sensed this was false reporting. Then I read Mr. Barr’s statement, which began with the two words, “To date,” and that clarified everything. The mainstream media ignored those two words, which mean “until now.” Yesterday, the DOJ issued a clarification on this point, which of course will be widely ignored by the mainstream media.

The DOJ investigation started only two weeks ago. They have yet to interview most of the hundreds of witnesses who have sworn under oath that massive cheating took place, nor have they examined the Dominion voting machines, which solid analysis indicates skewered the vote count away from Mr. Trump toward Mr. Biden at a 20% to 30% rate.

We are all the targets of two massive fraud operations. The first, by the Democratic Party, is to quite literally steal the election with a falsified vote count. The second, by the mainstream media, is to conspire with the Democrats in that election theft. Am I frustrated? Most certainly, and so much more than that.


Burke, Va.

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