- - Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to be the Manchurian candidate who is not only spending millions to get elected president, but is also trying to destroy President Trump in order to protect his interests with Red China.

Mr. Bloomberg has made vast profitable deals with Beijing at the expense of America — but his interests are under pressure from Mr. Trump because of their lack of fairness and the robbery of our country. Mr. Bloomberg works to protect China while Mr. Trump demands a fair deal for America.

Mr. Bloomberg is reportedly worth more than $50 billion, which he made with China while America was robbed and taken to the cleaners by the Communist leaders in Beijing. Mr. Bloomberg destroyed the Bill of Rights and Second Amendment in Virginia by financing radical leftists, who have taken over that state. Mr. Bloomberg is trying to protect his dealings with China by paying huge sums to radical campaigns in many other states. Mr. Trump has been tougher on China than any president in history. This is bad for Mr. Bloomberg and his anti-America, socialist aspirations.


U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)

Arlington, Va.

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