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It’s not easy being a straight male working on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign in Iowa, judging from the latest Project Veritas undercover sting.

In a hidden-camera video released Monday, a man identified as Iowa field organizer Angel Alicea for the Massachusetts senator complained about the office’s emphasis on “identity politics” and trans-inclusive pronouns, adding that he was told by another staffer, “You’re the only straight [person] here.”

“It’s just identity politics, and again I get called on it for calling it that, but it’s like, I’m a f—-ing brown man,” Mr. Alicea said in the video. “I had to do diversity and inclusion training, and I’m like, what are you going to tell me, you white liberals, that I don’t already know?”

The video comes as the fifth in the Project Veritas #Expose2020 series and the first to feature an underground investigator embedded in the Warren campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Previous videos have shown radical left-wing staff working for Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders’ campaign in Iowa and South Carolina. The Sanders camp has not commented on the sting, but did call police on Project Veritas’ team seeking comment outside the campaign office in North Charleston.

The Washington Times has reached out to the Warren and Sanders campaigns for comment.

In the latest footage, Mr. Alicea, described as a paid staffer, took issue with the Warren campaign’s emphasis on pronouns versus bread-and-butter issues.

Last week, Ms. Warren told a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that a 9-year-old transgender youth she had met would be involved in interviewing candidates for education secretary if the Massachusetts Democrat wins the presidency.

“If we’re going to prioritize pronouns over making sure people have a decent standard of living, that’s wrong,” said Mr. Alicea, adding, “when you come from where I come from, no one gives a f—- about a g-d d—n pronoun. We want to know how you get a job.”

He said he had been “called out” over his pronoun usage, which rankled him.

“I feel like I shouldn’t have to say he/him/his. Like, shouldn’t it just be implied?” Mr. Alicea asked. “I’ve been called out for saying something like that, but this is why we lose elections, because we’re zeroing in on s—t like that.”

He warned the undercover investigator not to use the wrong pronoun with a transgender staffer, or “she’ll be very upset.”

“[W]e’ve become the party that has prioritized that rather than put food on the table for working families, and it’s like, that’s why we lose,” Mr. Alicea said. “We’re zeroing in on something. And I’m not saying it doesn’t matter. We should make people feel comfortable and accepted. But when you put that over making sure people have decent jobs and health care, like, it’s a f—-ing no-brainer why we’re going to g-d d—n lose an election.”

Project Veritas President James O’Keefe said that Ms. Warren was “pulling out all the stops in an effort to please voters, but our investigation has shown that people on her staff believe her pandering is all wrong.”

Project Veritas has been accused of deceptively editing its video investigations, which Mr. O’Keefe has repeatedly denied.

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