- The Washington Times - Monday, January 20, 2020

Arnold Schwarzenegger said in an interview that the Green New Deal being pushed by Democratic socialists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernard Sanders is a gimmick that he considers “bogus.”

Mr. Schwarzenegger, the action-movie icon and former Republican governor of California who is vocal about the dangers of climate change, said he doesn’t think the Green New Deal, which would transition the country completely off fossil fuels within 10 years and cost tens of trillions of dollars, is a serious proposal.

“A slogan,” he said of the proposal in an interview with The Atlantic published Friday. “Kind of a marketing tool. Something that is very well-intentioned, but, I think, bogus. Because that’s what they always do — they call things different names and different people talk about it. But to me, the only thing that really matters is: How do we move forward with our goals? And this means that we stop increasing the amount of greenhouse gases and pollution that we put out there.”

Mr. Schwarzenegger said the rest of the country should follow California’s example in reducing carbon emissions.

“We in California have shown that it can be done, and we have shown how to do it,” he said. “And therefore, if the nation really wants to be serious in reducing greenhouse gases by 25 percent like we did, all they have to do is copy us.”

Mr. Schwarzenegger has publicly feuded with President Trump in recent years but that hasn’t changed his view of his party. He said he still considers himself a “true Republican.”

“If you look at Ronald Reagan or President Nixon or President Lincoln, these were people that were fighting for equality,” he said. “I’m inclusive. I see myself as that. I see myself as a Ronald Reagan Republican, someone that is very, very good with protecting the economy, but also good at protecting the environment.

“You don’t have to change your principles,” he added. “The party changes; it can go one way or the other. My responsibility is to keep reminding everyone: This is what the true Republican Party is all about. And we should not just change because a new president came in and he maybe is a little bit different in his approach. I think that we should really, as Republicans, fight for total equality.”

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