- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Actor and former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Joe Piscopo said political correctness is being weaponized against entertainers and that many of the great comedians of the ‘70s and ‘80s wouldn’t be able to exist in the current climate.

“The cancel culture is just out of control,” Mr. Piscopo told Just the News during an interview in Washington published Wednesday. “It’s just to shut us down.”

“We’re way, way, way too sensitive, but they’re using it,” he said. “It’s going beyond the sensitivity of what could be offensive to someone. They’re now using it for political purposes, [they’re] politicizing everything we say, it’s all politics. It has nothing to do with what’s right and what’s wrong, and what’s offensive and what’s not.”

Mr. Piscopo, who appeared on “SNL” from 1980-84, appeared in a famous sketch on the show with Eddie Murphy called “Ebony and Ivory,” in which he impersonated Frank Sinatra and Mr. Murphy played Stevie Wonder. Today, Mr. Piscopo said, that sketch would have likely gotten canceled.

“There were some words that we used that really are not offensive, but by today’s standards, with the cancel culture it would be done,” he said. “You know, the grace of working with Eddie Murphy, though, and the privilege of working with a great comic genius like that, he could say and do anything and get away with it.”

Mr. Piscopo said he recently had a conversation with comedian Gilbert Gottfried about how their comedy would be too controversial now.

“We had a chat, what we did in the comedy clubs in the late 1970s, if we did it now, we would be arrested,” he recalled. “Thank God, thank God, there weren’t cellphones around. But you know what, Richard Pryor did it, man, Eddie did it, you know, everybody, it’s come just too far.”

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