- The Washington Times - Thursday, May 7, 2020

Larry the Cable Guy fired off a series of tweets Wednesday slamming the “Orwellian” mandates that have swept the country during the coronavirus pandemic, lamenting that Americans have been all too willing to abandon their freedoms in the name of public health.

The stand-up comedian, famous for his blue-collar humor, tweeted, “People are now going to jail for trying to save their business while criminals are Being let out to keep them covid free. America 2020! The year the Bill of rights became selfish behavior. Thanks to all the brave politicians with American flag lapel pins that are silent.

“The fact that what is happening in our country with all these draconian over reaching mandates trampling on freedoms that people have fought and died for shouldn’t be about left or right,” he continued. “I love every one in this country and It should anger all Americans that loves freedom.”

The comedian, whose real name is Daniel Whitney, added that the government overreach should “anger ALL Americans.”

“The fact that people on social media get angry at other people that speak out and defend the bill of rights being trampled is beyond crazy,” he wrote. “The fact that we now literally have to wonder what our elected officials (that work for us) will ‘allow’ us to do is literally Orwellian.”

“If you live in America and just surrender your rights no questions asked than you didn’t deserve them in the first place,” he added. “That’s all. I pray for better days. God Bless America and I appreciate all of you.”

While many people across the country have been fined, arrested and charged for activities that would otherwise be legal during the pandemic, Mr. Whitney was likely referring to the case of Shelley Luther, a Dallas hair salon owner who was sentenced Tuesday to seven days in jail for violating a restraining order and operating her salon in defiance of a statewide shutdown of nonessential businesses.

After a wave of backlash against the judge who ordered Ms. Luther behind bars, the Supreme Court of Texas on Thursday ordered her release.

The jail is expected to release her Thursday afternoon.

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