- The Washington Times - Friday, November 13, 2020

Singer John Legend faced criticism on social media after he claimed that donating to Democrats in hopes of flipping the Senate to their control in January would be “far more impactful” than giving to food banks.

“I get that politics is annoying and contentious, but the bottom line is that the Senate flipping would be far more impactful than a food bank donation,” the 11-time Grammy Award winner tweeted Thursday. “We need massive stimulus and aid to individuals and small businesses. Government needs to do this. Charity isn’t sufficient.

“That being said, I’ll be doing both,” he added.

Mr. Legend, born John Roger Stephens, was responding to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who had urged people donating to politicians ahead of the Senate runoff races in Georgia to donate to their local food banks instead. The billionaire investor later responded to Mr. Legend’s comment, tweeting, “Let’s go all the way. Stop donating to charity, give those $ to politicians because 1 party will solve all of our problems! Come on John. There is a point of diminishing returns on political ad spend, there are no diminished returns when it comes to feeding the hungry.”

Mr. Legend replied by arguing only the government can provide the size and scope of relief Americans need and that “there is clearly a difference between what a Mitch [McConnell]-led senate will do vs what a [Chuck] Schumer-led senate will do.”

“Charity is often a band-aid,” Mr. Cuban admitted. “But a lot of people are suffering now. Do you really think more money will increase the chances of winning, or is it an unknown and you figure it can’t hurt? And do you really think either party puts fundamental reform over gaining/retaining power?”

“I believe the Democrats will do more to help the country recover. Period,” Mr. Legend responded. “I don’t think it’s even close. Mitch will be obstructionist and try to find ways to make Biden a one-term president, just as he promised (and failed) to do with Obama. But i don’t know if we’ve reached the point of diminishing returns for donating to the runoffs in Georgia. It’s hard to know. But I plan to err on the side of donating to help [Democratic Senate candidates Jon] Ossoff and [Raphael] Warnock win. I hope it works. It will be better for the country.”

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