- - Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The lockdowns are not working. In fact, they are hurting the economy more than they are preventing the spread of the virus. The lockdowns only delay the spread of the virus; they don’t actually prevent it. The same number of people will eventually get infected. We don’t know that breakthrough vaccines are safe, and there is evidence that people can get infected even after antibodies are present.

The lockdowns have been hurting the economy more than the news media has been reporting. There are likely many people suffering or dying from illnesses, suicide, depression, alcoholism and drug abuse instigated by the lockdowns. People are also missing health care visits for unrelated illnesses because doctors are unavailable. Some states and news media have falsely reported these deaths as caused by the virus, inflating virus death numbers and downplaying the effects of the lockdowns.

The recent resurgence of reported infections was predictable because lockdowns and testing cannot do anything to end the outbreak. The lockdowns are analogous to a man whose house is flooded by a burst water pipe. He shuts off the water main, and cleans up and dries out his house. Then, he turns the water back on and is surprised when his house gets flooded again — even thoough he never addressed the root cause of the problem — the burst pipe.

Rather than locking down the economy last spring and giving out free money in an attempt to artificially prop it up, the federal and state governments should have spent the money on medical supplies and augmenting hospital space. The same number of people would have been infected and suffered from the virus but in a shorter amount of time. But the economy would not have been almost killed, and people would not have been put out of work or suffered from the consequent depression, suicides, alcoholism and drug abuse.


Germantown, Md.

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