- - Wednesday, October 28, 2020

How much will the D.C. government save by ordering us 70- and and 80-year-old retirees to use meager Social Security income to buy paper bags to use with our walkers while we perform needed leaf sweeping and bagging? And who will carry these heavy bags from the street to the curb?

Why not just burn the leaves in the street? Think how much this would save D.C. No trucks or drivers needed.

Who thinks it “cute” to line our streets with overflowing trash bags instead of using the alleys? Especially when it rains? It does not seem to promise to enhance the ambiance of our neighborhoods.

Does D.C. plan to sell their leaf vacuums and distribute the proceeds to the citizens? How much will D.C. reduce real-estate taxes for this ill-advised reduction in city services?

And should D.C. residents now plan to buy snow shovels and blowers so they can clear the streets themselves come winter?

D.C. does not deserve home rule like this.



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