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The great Ronald Reagan once said: “if we ever forget that we are ‘One Nation Under God,’ then we will be a nation gone under.” 

Cheryl Chumley’s new book, “Socialists Don’t Sleep” goes the distance to address Reagan’s warning in our times, not only about neglecting God, but about not addressing the advance of socialism in the nation whose mainstay since its founding has been liberty. 

Through reminding us in the most understandable terms why America is exceptional, how it got that way and how it is under siege, Ms. Chumley has produced a timeless manual that will inspire and inform those who care about our nation’s future.   

The spread of collectivism in an America founded upon God-given freedoms and individual rights is nothing new, but has gained shocking momentum in our times. This effort has been choreographed carefully, tirelessly and deceptively, so as to not create alarm. Today we have Bernie Sanders and his crowd pushing “democratic socialism” to adoring supporters. Call it what you want, but whether its “communism” or “democratic socialism” it is incompatible with the spirit, heritage and trajectory of our nation. 

“Socialists Don’t Sleep” makes no bones about the peril of ignoring the march of socialism in our times. Ms. Chumley states her central thesis: “Socialism may be the latest attention grabber for today’s youth. Socialism may be perceived as today’s biggest threat in America, and to America’s system of capitalism and free market and freedom. But really, it’s the seeds of socialism we need to beware. It’s the change of mindset that comes from a nation of people who are taught in public schools that America is not exceptional; who are told by politicians that hard work means nothing and that if you live, if you breathe, you are owed …”

The book is a wake-up call that coincides perfectly with the most consequential presidential election in recent memory that could be a true tipping point for society and culture. Ms. Chumley paints an alarming but realistic picture that drives home the point that, to save our republic, Americans must be vigilant to the stealthy, but in plain sight embedding of socialism in our culture.

Rich in facts and history, Ms. Chumley’s narrative is tremendously valuable because it outlines concretely, comprehensively and comprehensibly the trajectory of the spread and incremental acceptance of collectivist dogma in the freest culture on the planet, and ends on a hopeful and inspiring call-to-action.  

For those who never learned them — or those who need reminding — Ms. Chumley reminds us of the core values of what makes America the freest and most compassionate society — democratic government, free speech and individual liberty. So too, she makes clear their provenance: our biblical, Judeo-Christian heritage, which she points out, in opposition to collectivist big government provides the discernment critical to sustaining our liberty.  

Only by understanding the history of the spread of collectivism, can one grasp the reality that confronts the decline of our nation. Ms. Chumley tells us that it is not only the progressive political class who are responsible. The embrace of collectivism and the repression of liberty is being advanced, in turn, by the media, schools and universities, billionaire philanthropists, globalist transnational NGOs like the United Nations, and even at times by politicians on the right. Churches, too, have allowed the socialists’ perversion of the central tenants of Christianity to brainwash the unaware.  

Those who love America cannot coast on autopilot, Ms. Chumley exhorts. George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, et al are spending billions to transform the shining city upon the hill. The mainline media, academia, and popular culture and progressive folk heroes like Barack Obama and Greta Thunberg are constantly using their megaphones to beat down an America that is the most faith-driven, generous and humanitarian nation in the world. Ironic that our detractors spurn the very elements that have driven millions to settle here.  

Church attendance is down in America, as it is throughout the world. Children are being raised with an “anything goes”, entitled mentality that runs counter not only to time-honored practice, but common sense itself. Parents, along with America’s churches and synagogues must rise to the occasion to re-establish our nation’s ethical center to stop the bleeding. 

Cheryl Chumley’s new book is a perfect tool to inform and inspire this critical effort to save our noble civilization as we know it. Mainstream America rests upon its laurels to its great peril, because socialists don’t sleep.

• Lee Cohen is a fellow of the U.K.’s Bow Group and of the Danube Institute. A specialist on the U.S-U.K. relationship, he formerly advised the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and founded the Congressional United Kingdom Caucus. He tweets at @leesco3.

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By Cheryl Chumley

Humanix Books, $27.99, 256 pages

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