- - Thursday, April 15, 2021

Apparently President Biden does not mind if he loses Afghanistan (“Blinken in Afghanistan to sell Biden troop withdrawal,” Web, April 15). I don’t know if the decision was focus-grouped, but Mr. Biden may actually accrue credits from across the political spectrum for the end to this abysmal war, notwithstanding all the American and allied blood shed over the many years of fighting, and all the Afghan blood that will be spilled when score settling comes to Kabul.

Mr. Biden counseled years ago that America should not put a large force on the ground in Afghanistan, but should rather use airpower alone to do the dirty work of clearing al Qaeda from Tora Bora. That strategy does not work, as we learned in Vietnam, because owning the skies over enemy territory is just a nuisance to the enemy — not a substitute for controlling the ground.

The Taliban controls most of the ground and has far more patience than do we. Let’s chalk this up as another well-intentioned and costly mistake, make American citizens of all allied Afghans who want to come to our country, care for our veterans and do better risk assessment while swearing to question anew our martial enthusiasm.



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