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Anthony Fauci, the left’s reliable go-to for hyping the coronavirus so Democrats can in turn, stifle liberties, was pressed by Rep. Jim Jordan in a recent congressional hearing to give the precise measurement America would have to reach or achieve in order to return to normal — and the good dohktah could’t say. He wouldn’t say.

He couldn’t and wouldn’t say because at this point in time, the coronavirus is not about health and safety but rather, political opportunity. And Fauci is an integral part of the left’s brazen leap at the pandemic for political opportunity.

The Democrats/progressives/socialists/communists see COVID-19 as their chance to bring about the “Great Reset,” as the World Economic Forum puts it — that is, the total redefining of capitalism and markets and economies so that it prioritizes social justice over profits. And they’re not going to abandon this chance just because the facts of today’s coronavirus don’t work in their favor.

Instead, they’ll trot out the medical bureaucrats and the complicit communist-leaning members of the media to sell the fear and hype the coronavirus as long as possible. Fauci is part of that machine. He’s doing his job — for the leftists. He’s doing remarkably well, too, given the pirouettes over logic his mind and mouth have to take in order to keep up the red flag that lockdowns work. After all, if he can get by with saying that if one face mask works, two work even better, and still retain his status as the voice of the medical community, then why not the same for lockdowns? If one lockdown works, two work even better, three perhaps best of all?

It’s just common sense, dontcha know.

The American people are sick and tired of it.

Jordan nailed it: What measures, what standards, what objectives do Americans need to meet, reach, achieve before the country comes back to normalcy? What numbers of case counts? What figures of flattening? What actual technical factual scientific determinants are we a-waiting?

“I don’t look at this as a liberty thing,” Fauci said.

“Well that’s obvious,” Jordan said.

The thing is, we do. 

And Fauci’s supposed to work for us.

His answers, his dodging of answers, his sidestepping of answers, his inability to answer Jordan’s basic question — which is really all of America’s basic question — shows how far the hard leftists will go to bring this nation to its knees so their select elites will then be in positions of power to rebuild as desired. What’s the number, Fauci? What’s the goal line? What’s the exit plan here?

He couldn’t say.

But that says everything.

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