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The situation is more than complex on the southern border these days. U.S. Customs and Border Protection offers this update:

“McAllen Border Patrol agents working in Hidalgo County, Texas, responded to several reports of large groups of non-citizens crossing the Rio Grande. The three groups encountered on Monday morning and Tuesday evening totaled 320 migrants. The groups consisted of 229 family members, 86 unaccompanied children, and five single adults. The nationalities of those in the groups included; Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Romania, Ecuador, Venezuela, and United Kingdom,” the federal agency said.

It also noted that Rio Grande Valley agents have encountered 44 groups of 100 or more people illegally entering the United States so far this year.

What to do?

“President Joe Biden inherited the most secure southern border in American history. And yet, in just three short months, the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress have unleashed the worst border crisis in the history of our country,” writes former Vice President Mike Pence in a new commentary for the Daily Signal.

“The catastrophe now unfolding at our border is a direct result of progressive policies and pronouncements emanating from Democrats in Washington. But Democrats can end this disaster just as quickly as they caused it. All they have to do is reinstate common sense border enforcement and stop treating U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol as a concierge service for illegal aliens,” Mr. Pence later continued.

“Immigration has been an existential issue for all nations at all times, but never more so for the United States. America is a welcoming nation to many who come in search of opportunity, but we also must be a nation of laws. Open borders combined with free health care, education, and welfare is a recipe for disaster. You can be for working-class families or you can be for open borders — but you cannot be for both,” Mr. Pence later added.

Find the complete essay — titled “Democrats could end border crisis quickly. Instead, they’re making it worse” — at DailySignal.com, the news branch of The Heritage Foundation.


U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agricultural specialists at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York seized the following on Thursday from a passenger arriving on a flight from Ecuador. The list is verbatim from the agents:

“Sapote (soft, edible fruit) approximately 22 lbs.; Cherries approximately 4.5 lbs.; strawberries approximately 4.5 lbs.; passion fruit approximately 15.5 lbs.; tomatoes approximately 4.5 lbs.; fresh plants materials approximately 13 lbs.; melloco (tuberous root vegetable), approximately 44 lbs.; beef, approximately 11 lbs.; pork, approximately 7 lbs.; one dozen fresh chicken eggs; one fresh ostrich egg.”


One political party is angrier than the rest. Why is that? Fox News host Tucker Carlson has observed that the Democrats seem stuck in combative mode even though they now hold the White House, the House and the Senate.

“Why did they get angrier when they won?” Mr. Carlson asked a very observant guest Thursday.

“I think they have a fraction of their base that is just perpetually angry. I think they’re very caustic and nasty. I think unless they make us a complete socialist country, these people are never going to be happy,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis replied.

He also cited President Biden as an “aggressive left-wing culture warrior,” and a desire among Democrats to purge conservative thinking from the culture.

“Anything short of complete domination of conservatism, making sure people that have conservative views are shut out, anything short of that, they’re just not going to be happy,” the governor explained.

Then there’s the news media.

“The corporate media has always had a liberal bias,” Mr. DeSantis pointed out.

“They are actively partisan and not only that, it’s all about crafting a narrative, regardless of the facts. If there’s a fact that’s inconvenient to the narrative, they’ll smother the fact, they’ll ignore the fact in order to be able to continue with the narrative,” the governor noted.

The conversation took place on “Tucker Carlson Today,” which streamed Thursday on Fox Nation, the video-on-demand outlet of Fox News. A transcript from TrendingPolitics.com is also available.


The 2022 midterm elections are already on the radar for many, including Sam Peters, a conservative Republican who announced his intent to run in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.

The Air Force combat vet and small business owner is based in Las Vegas and has won a range of endorsements from Newt Gingrich, Ted Nugent, former Nevada Gov. Robert List, former state Gaming Commissioner Joe W. Brown, Carson City Mayor Lori Bagwell and Douglas County Sheriff Daniel Coverly.

Mr. Peters calls America “the greatest country on the face of the Earth,” and has a message for “the entire radical liberal establishment in Washington,” he says, in anticipation go his own arrival in the nation’s capital.

“I’m coming and I’m bringing a movement with me,” advises Mr. Peters, who campaign can be found at SamPeters4Congress.com.


For sale: Classic and classy renovated Victorian home built in 1892 in Montclair, New Jersey. Six bedrooms, three baths, living, dining and family rooms; custom gourmet kitchen, office; two fireplaces, grand staircase. Open floor plans, newly remodeled, covered sitting porch, Dutch-style front door, second floor balcony, patio, close to historic town district. Priced at $850,000 through ColdwellBankerHomes.com.


71% of U.S. adults say their generation has “a lot” or “some” responsibility to take care of the environment.

64% would install solar panels to “help stop climate change”; 57% would drive less often.

42% would take public transit, 37% would pay more for public utilities.

35% would pay higher taxes, 30% would stop eating meat.

Source: A CBS/YouGov poll of 2,003 U.S. residents conducted April 13-16 and released Thursday.

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