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President Biden’s U.N. ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, recently said, “I have seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved White supremacy into our founding documents and principles” (“Biden U.N. ambassador blasts U.S., rips ‘White supremacy’ within ‘founding documents and principles,’” Web, April 14). Now that was a truly disgraceful statement.

All legislative attempts to abolish slavery before the American Revolution had been vetoed by the British crown and Parliament, which mandated this worldwide system of bondage for the commercial charters granted so that colonial activities would support the mercantile policies of the mother country.

The Declaration of Independence’s “all men are created equal” and a Constitution formed by “the people” relied on philosophical doctrines which placed master and slave on the same natural plain of existence. They were the first founding documents of any country that made such a bold moral statement and doomed slavery in this country. Following the beginning of the rebellion, the country had already seen six of 13 colonies free slaves and two others abolish the international slave trade by the time the Constitution was ratified.

The sin of slavery was perpetuated by later politicians who for over seven decades ignored the precedents of our founding documents. They engaged in all the vices, follies and infirmities expected of humans as they debated and implemented policies accommodating trade, fisheries, agriculture, transportation and mining amid speculative fevers.

Eventually the myopic ideologies of abolitionists and planters forced establishment of armies, which through the application of power resolved this issue, but without resort to reason, contemplation or mutual understanding.


Rogue River, Ore.

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