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Many Americans revere those precious few moments when New Hampshire voters step up in the hush of the midnight hour as “first in the nation” to file their primary votes in presidential elections. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats apparently are trying to remove that hallowed status for a variety of reasons, both political and cultural.

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner, a Democrat, is quite familiar with this issue, having received a visit from Mrs. Pelosi once upon a time.

“Thirty-eight years ago in the month of October 1983, Nancy Pelosi came to the New Hampshire State House and the Secretary of State’s office on a mission to take the first-in-the-nation presidential primary away from the people of New Hampshire. That visit was exactly 200 years to the month after the people of New Hampshire approved their constitution on October 31, 1783,” Mr. Gardner said in an official statement.

“Now, Speaker Pelosi is once again attacking our state by using federal authority through H.R. 1 by rendering articles of our own state constitution null and void. The U.S. Constitution, was created by the individual states, with New Hampshire being the ninth and deciding state to put our federal constitution into effect. In contrast, our state constitution was created almost five years earlier by direct ballot vote of N.H. voters, and can only be amended by the same direct ballot vote. It is older than the U.S. Constitution, and it is truly the people of New Hampshire’s document. That is why our state constitution is so important,” Mr. Gardner said.

“Speaker Pelosi wants to make New Hampshire and the rest of the country like her state of California. New Hampshire has had the third highest voter turnout in the country for each of the last four presidential elections. Compared to our third-ranking in the country, California has ranked 46th, 49th, 49th and 43rd for turnout in the last four presidential elections,” Mr. Gardner declared.

“If we let Washington take away these and other articles in our constitution, they can do other damage to our state, and could put our presidential primary in a perilous position,” he later added.


Got a case of virtue signaling fatigue? You are not alone.

“By moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, the morally narcissistic ignoramuses who run Major League Baseball have inadvertently given us the defining moment in the ultimate decline and fall of the United States of America as we know it,” writes Roger L. Simon, founder of PJ Media and a columnist for The Epoch Times.

“In a sense we should be grateful to them for the wake up call, even if the likelihood of its being heard and responded to is not sufficiently great. The symbolism is perfect. Forget the actual details of the Georgia voting law they claim to be protesting. Facts are immaterial. The national pastime has joined the ranks of the ‘woke’ virtue signalers,” Mr. Simon notes.

“Yes, that national pastime has scarcely been what it was for some time, but then what is? Basketball and football are also in decline. No sports are left, really, at least spectator sports. Virtue signaling itself has become our national pastime. Everyone, at least that percentage of the country who voted for the current president, practice it on a daily or even hourly basis, like a catechism,” he continues, adding a thought about President Biden for good measure.

“The president himself we could call the Virtue Signaler-in-Chief,” Mr. Simon observes.


Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Alaska Republican, has a “very weak image with voters” according to a new Cygnet poll of 500 Alaska voters likely to vote in the 2022 midterm election. The lawmaker garners a 63% unfavorability among all the voters, and 87% unfavorability among GOP voters.

“Among Republicans, her vote to convict President Trump in the impeachment trial, opposition to Justice Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination to the Supreme Court and ranking as the second most liberal Republican Senator are all particularly damaging,” said the pollster’s analysis of the survey, which was conducted March 29.

“Lisa Murkowski is in as weak of a position as an incumbent could possibly find themselves in. A strong Republican candidate is poised to defeat Murkowski. Kelly Tshibaka is that candidate,” the analysis noted.

The poll found that in a hypothetical match-up, Ms. Tshibaka — age 26, and a former Alaska Department of Administration commissioner — leads all candidates with 34% of the vote, followed Ms. Murkowski (18%), Democrat Al Gross (17%), independent John Howe (6%) and Democrat Edgar Blatchford (3%). The rest of the voters remain undecided (21%).

Ms. Tshibaka, who declared her intent to run March 29, has a favorability rating of 61% among Republicans and says she intends to be “a voice for forgotten Alaskans.”


Tribune Publishing — which operates 10 newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News and Hartford Courant — is up for sale, and recently received an offer for $633 million from Alden Global Capital, a hedge fund.

Another offer of $680 million has just arrived, this from “an entity named Newslight, jointly owned by Maryland hotel executive Stewart Bainum and Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss,” the Chicago Tribune said.

“If the deal is consummated, the long-term plan is for Bainum to own The Baltimore Sun, Wyss to own the Chicago Tribune, and to sell off the rest of the Tribune Publishing newspapers to individual or group owners,” a source told the Tribune.

“More to come,” the Tribune concluded.

Mr. Bainum, incidentally, is a former Democratic state lawmaker who served in the Maryland General Assembly from 1979 to 1986.


• 59% of U.S. adults think that global warming “has already begun”; 29% of Republicans, 59% of independents and 82% of Democrats agree.

• 19% of U.S. adults overall think that global warming will not take place in their lifetime, but “in the future”; 33% of Republicans, 20% of independents and 8% of Democrats agree.

• 10% overall think that global warming will not take place in a few years or within their lifetime; 12% of Republicans, 10% of independents and 9% of Democrats agree.

• 10% overall think that global warming will “never take place”; 12% of Republicans, 10% of independents and 1% of Democrats agree.

Source: A Gallup poll of 1,010 U.S. adults conducted March 1-15 and released Monday.

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