- - Wednesday, April 7, 2021

I was shocked when I read the editorial “Mr. Gaetz, maybe it’s time to go” (Web, April 5), calling for the Republican representative to consider resigning. The recommendation is based on unproven charges by a female and by “two individuals who have chosen to remain anonymous.” I never thought I would see something like this on the pages of The Washington Times. Hasn’t this nation been through enough smear tactics that have included “anonymous sources?” And once again, it happens to be a Republican facing the accusations.

I think of Robert Bork subjected to false claims of advocating backyard abortions; Clarence Thomas, accused by Anita Hill of sexual harassment; Brett Kavanaugh, accused of sexual molestation occurring 35 years in his past; and of Donald Trump accused of colluding with Russia.

What happened to the concept of due process guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, wherein a person is assumed innocent until proven guilty? Why does the general news media engage in round-the-clock coverage, giving acceptability to “anonymous sources” and unproven charges? And why do so many Republicans seem to be the target of this sort of victimization? Finally, why is there no accountability for making false charges, as we saw in the falsification of charges against Brett Kavanaugh?

Make no mistake: Our nation is facing grave threats. The damage to our democratic system should not be underestimated. Attacks that primarily demonize members of one party are a threat to our multi-party democratic government and could lead to a dangerous one-party system.


Potomac, Md.

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