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I choose to remember the sight of the American flag draped over the Capitol while the crowd sang “The Star Spangled Banner” on Jan. 6, 2021, because of what it represents. The mainstream media will try to discredit the hundreds of thousands of patriots who stood together in unity to peacefully march against voter fraud. 

In no way do I diminish the loss of life that occurred after emotions spilled over, but I choose to remember the people. Each person took a stand for what they believed in their heart was righteous and true. That day, law enforcement officers risked their lives to defend the Capitol building while protesters risked their lives trying to defend the people that the Capitol building represents.

Jan. 6 was historical, for better or worse. But, the peacefulness of Jan. 5 is worth noting. On Jan. 5, I stood on the steps of the U.S.  Supreme Court and addressed thousands of fellow patriots. The day was filled with jubilation and prayer. It was a hopeful showing of Americans of all ages, races and ethnicities. It was a beautiful sight to behold. No buildings were burned, no stores were looted. There was no disparity of power during the rallies and the marches.  

Well-known political influencers stood arm and arm with first-time visitors of Washington, D.C., as equals. I met people from all over the country. We chatted about our stories and shared our passion and legitimate concerns for the integrity of our vote. These were hardworking Americans who spent their own money to get to D.C. to have their voice be heard when their representatives had failed them.

I was the youngest person in the country who ever ran for Congress because I believed that our fundamental liberties needed to be protected. I traveled to D.C. to march for the same reasons. 

On Jan. 6, the United States experienced a cultural reset past the point of no return. No true American ever wishes for violence of any kind. And now the actions of the very few have sullied the narrative from a beautiful sight of patriotism and unity to mindless chaos and purposeless violence.

I stood with the vast majority of protesters who did not participate in lawlessness and watched in shock. But, I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives. They had a duty to transparently debate the substantive allegations of wide-spread voter fraud on the merits in a public forum. Congress failed the American people by cloaking the proceedings in secrecy.

As a former congressional aide, I have sat in those chambers and attended hearings with other members of the public. The staging of the Congress’ charade in counting electors was evident. Everyone knew that there would be no debate or legitimate investigations. A government that acts in the middle of the night under cover of darkness and curfews, cloaked in secrecy, with no transparency is no monument to democracy.

Grandstanding politicians are quick to condemn the acts of a few as “domestic terrorism” and “un-American.” Elected officials of both parties now finger-wag from their bully pulpit, yet are blinded to their own abject failings. Hypocritically, many of these same politicians condoned and praised several months of riots, looting and burning by Black Lives Matter and Antifa that were referred to as “mostly peaceful” and justified.

These same politicians will use the breach of the Capitol as an excuse to characterize all conservatives as seditionists and traitors and find no justification in the demand that our constitutional rights be protected. Conservative Republicans have spent four years taking a thorough beating by the mainstream media, and by the bad faith actors in their own party without any violent retaliation.

Unfortunately, four years of abuse resulted in emotions boiling over. The protesters were sick of being called “deplorables,” “racists,” and “White supremacists.” They were tired of being marginalized and bullied by the establishment and the radical left.

The Democratic Party was united and held the line. Their coalition of Marxist, mainstream media, Big Tech, deep state operatives, anarchists, globalists, industrial war machine corporations and hostile foreign entities worked together like a symphony to wrest the will of the people from the people.

This country was founded upon the idea of liberty and a government that serves the people. Law and order and democracy is devalued when a fair and free election is compromised. My Cuban great-grandmother, who helped raise me, said that she recognized the spiral into Communism because she witnessed the same in Cuba in 1961.

It begins with the educational indoctrination of young people, the media censorship of differing perspectives, the suppression of religious expression, the shutdowns and takings of property, the inciting of anarchy to destroy the fabric of society, and ends with the fraudulent over-taking of government.

The hundreds of thousands of people who peacefully marched for two days have now been silenced. Congress had a duty to give voice to the millions who objected to a stolen election. They failed that duty. The people of the United States are the victims, while the bureaucratic elites are the victors. Going forward, we must strengthen our resolve and belief in American values because they are based in our belief in God. We are still “One nation under God.”

• Christy McLaughlin, a 25-year-old lawyer and former congressional candidate for FL-19, is the founder of ConstitutionalWarriors.com. She resides in Naples, Florida, with her 102-year-old Cuban great-grandmother where she advocates for constitutional values.

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