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Media headlines are buzzing with the latest Project Veritas’ recorded outing of Jack Dorsey of Twitter CEO fame as a flaming anti-conservative, anti-Donald Trump leftist who wants to continue his flaming anti-conservative censorship tendencies well after Inauguration Day.

But don’t we already know this? Yes. The thing is: What’s to be done? And here’s the answer: nothing. 

Nothing, because members of Congress — or at least enough of the key players in key positions of power and influence in Congress — are bought and owned by Big Tech, in political business largely to do these elitist globalists’ bidding. And the elitist globalists’ bidding is to be at the top of the world domination chain.

From Dorsey to his team, as caught by a Project Veritas undercover plant: “We know we are focused on one account right now, but this is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and go on beyond the inauguration,” he said, Fox reported.

Kudos to Project Veritas for once again giving a crucial behind-the-scenes look at how the ruling class of U.S. society really regards the peons who actually pay and pad their salaries.

But we already knew how politically biased social media’s censorship giants were, and are, against conservatives.

We already knew that because time after time after time the American public watched with bated breath as certain members of Congress called on these tech giants to appear and give account for what seemed obvious and blatant censorship of conservative viewpoints from their platforms — only to see zilch, zero, nada, nothing come from the public dressing.

The hearings got heated.

The accusations flew fast and furious.

The tech giants seemed at times to be silenced — at others, speechless — at others, conciliatory.

And then: These same tech giants went home and continued their anti-conservative practices.

Now comes Dorsey, on the heels of proudly tossing the president of the United States from his social media platform, on the heels of silencing the world’s most powerful government official in his unofficial Twitter conversing capacity, on the heels of separating the POTUS from his people in one of the most direct forms of communication he’s used in all his four years in office — now comes Dorsey promising more of the same. Are we supposed to be surprised?

The bigger surprise would be if Dorsey, and his happy censoring partners in Big Tech Tyranny land, stopped.

Here’s why they won’t: “Total contributions: $21 million. Top recipients: Joe Biden, Democrat super PACs. Google’s parent company Alphabet is one of the largest corporate donors during the 2020 election cycle. The company’s employees and PACs have contributed a total of $21 million to presidential and congressional candidates since 2019,” wrote the Observer, in November.


Money in politics buys influence and power.

“Nearly 80 percent of the funds went to Democrats, while just 7 percent went to Republicans. A whopping $3.66 million went to the Joe Biden campaign,” the Observer continued.

Microsoft? Total contributions there hovered around $17 million — and again, Biden and Democrats received the most.

Amazon? Total contributions were $8.9 million — and again, Biden got the most.

Facebook? Total contributions were $6 million — and again, Biden got the most.

Apple? Total contributions were $5.7 million — and again, Biden got the most.

Twitter? Total contributions were $689,000 — and again, Biden got the most.

The writing’s on the wall.

The tea leaves are easy to read.

Congressional members may talk a good game. Democrats in positions of political influence may put on a good show about corporate influence and corporate corruption and corporate greed. And so forth and so on.

But look at the money trail.

Those in positions of political power in this country are top recipients of tech tyrants. The gatekeepers are bought off; the watchers at the gate are not-so-secretly compromised.

The booting of conservatives from social media platforms will continue, and worsen. There is nobody to stop them — nobody, that is, except the consumers. The only way to halt Big Tech’s influence is for every man, woman and child to stop using Big Tech’s platforms, immediately, and in so doing, crash their revenues. Crush ‘em like they crush Trump.

The only way to stop Big Tech and put an end to the social media CEOs’ hatred of and hostility to all-things-conservative is for consumers to rally in one huge mass and mount an immediate boycott of all these platforms. But the chance of that happening, seriously, is slim.

Slim to none, actually. Big Tech will only be stopped from its takeover of free speech if citizens fight in a way that hits hard at the pocketbooks. But the reality is most citizens are unaware of Big Tech’s power, others are unconcerned, and even those who would attempt such are fight are confronted with this bleak reality: How to organize? 

The rock and hard place grows tighter.

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