- - Tuesday, January 26, 2021

In 2020 the Democrats had an effective political plan to win back the White House. They already had on their side the corrupt media and Big Tech’s overwhelming hatred of Donald Trump, but they also had a full toolkit for achieving their goal of regaining power.

The left didn’t vote for Joe Biden; they voted against Donald Trump. The onslaught of liberal change is happening fast and furiously. President Biden has signed 33 executive orders in six days, killing thousands of American jobs and adding government bureaucracy and government overreach to our lives. The Democrats’ first goal is to divide Americans by race, gender, ethnic background and economic status. They’re highly effective at dividing Americans. Why do you think that for most of 2020 the Democrats never spoke out forcefully against rioting and looting by antifa and Black Lives Matter? What do you think the “woke” movement and “cancel culture” are all about? They are tools used by the liberal left to ‘cancel’ someone’s influence and to attack someone’s employment and reputation. The left wants to punish and shame you for you disagreeing with it.

The left has everything it needs to increase its power for years to come. Tools such as D.C. statehood, elimination of the filibuster and the Electoral College, the drive to “pack” the Supreme Court and citizenship for millions of illegal aliens. Then you have the allure of Democrats promising people free stuff. The more people they can get hooked on government handouts.

Then there’s “climate change,” a Democratic ploy to control ever more of our economy and solidify the left’s power. It is true the climate is changing, but it has always been changing, since the beginning of time. To think our rejoining the Paris Accord will save the Earth is nonsense. This kind of idiocy will destroy our economy, lose millions of jobs and eventually bankrupt us. Does anyone believe China, Russia or India are going to destroy their own countries chasing after this foolishness? God help us all.


Kokomo, Ind.

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