- - Tuesday, January 26, 2021

When you control the House, the Senate, the national media and social media, can you start making things up and selling them to the public as if they were real? You bet you can.

But what about truth? Will the world actually work in a faux reality?

With medical issues and bridge building, we’re going to have to pretty much stick with the script. But when it comes to loosey-goosey stuff like politics and the way the government operates, it’s carte blanche as far as the eye can see.

We’re at a unique point in time, where reality is malleable. We can make happen things that never did, and vice versa.

If we all decide two plus two equals five, who’s going to stop us? If we can create a world more to our liking by cheating nature just a bit, what’s the harm?

There will be those who will try to red-pill us to death but we shan’t let those party poopers prevail. We’ll use our vast network of influence to paint them as crazy. Then who will listen?


Bloomington, Ind.

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