- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 17, 2021

Late-night TV host Stephen Colbert on Wednesday ribbed President Biden’s “Grandpa’s had it with your lip” attitude during his press conference in Geneva.

Mr. Biden made headlines Wednesday following his sit-down with Russian President Vladimir Putin after he snapped at CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, who asked why he was “confident” Mr. Putin would change his behavior.

“I’m not confident he’ll change his behavior. What in the hell, what do you do all the time?” the president fired back. “When did I say I was confident? What I said was — let’s get this straight — I said what will change their behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and diminishes their standing in the world. I’m not confident of anything. I’m just stating a fact.”

During his opening monologue on “The Late Show,” Mr. Colbert said Mr. Biden “got a little testy” in the moment.

“Wow. That was some strong ‘Grandpa’s had it with your lip’ energy,” he joked.

Mr. Colbert then stripped off his suit jacket and impersonated Mr. Biden yelling at a reporter.

“You watch your tone, mister!” he said. “You knock it off with the grab-a— and the horseplay. This isn’t a dog-and-pony show. Were you born in a barn? If so, grab a pail and start milking the cows ‘cause they’re coming home to roost, Little Boy Blue! 

“I fought in Korea!” he yelled, shaking his fist.

Mr. Biden later apologized for getting “short” with Ms. Collins and for being a “wise guy.” On CNN, Ms. Collins said the apology was “unnecessary” but appreciated.

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