Climate change orthodoxy has become such a large industry that there are thousands of scientists and journalists whose livelihood depends on it. Their incomes and even their jobs are contingent upon supporting the globalist insistence that there is a climate crisis we can only address by following their prescriptions. It has become a self-fulfilling business model.

In addition, groupthink at universities worldwide has resulted in a situation wherein the only grants awarded and the only articles published have to confirm the accepted view that the world is in danger. Any scientist who wants to rigorously test the theory that carbon is causing an ongoing rise in temperatures is denied promotions and tenure while being either ignored or vilified.

Yet in the face of all this, there are still hundreds of scientists who insist the entire anthropogenic global warming hypothesis is a hoax. They insist carbon is not capable of causing the effects claimed by the alarmists, and say the world is actually entering a cooling phase.

Data shows weather events are not more severe now than they were in the recorded past. Higher casualties and property damage result from human habitation in areas that were previously empty, as well as land subsistence as we drain coastal aquifers. Data shows that wildfires are not more widespread. In fact, poor forest management abetted by arson can account for a lot of the “wildfires,” and there is substantial evidence wildfire incidence is actually decreasing. Those who claim otherwise are either manipulating data or lying.

There is also much evidence that the Earth has its own mechanisms to offset much of the purported damage attributed to carbon, as evidenced by the spontaneous recovery of the Great Barrier Reef despite no alleviation in what marine scientists insisted caused the original bleaching.

Both solar activity and global volcanic activity are reportedly increasing. Both activities can profoundly affect Earth’s climate. Against those forces, the idea that humans can somehow manipulate our climate is beyond belief. Further, if we could do so, we have no idea of the unintended consequences of our attempts. Despite this, we find ourselves running headlong into risking serious and irreversible damage to our world by following the mass hysteria of the climate doom predictors.

Finally, there are global political powers supported by global media that are using the climate-change hoax to generate the fear needed for free people to give up their freedoms. Please don’t be fooled.


Knightdale, N.C.

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