Everett Piper‘s assertion that “our Constitution” reflects the completeness of our Foundaing Fathers’ thinking because it shows “[t]hey anticipated issues of their day” reflects his own view though rose-colored glasses (“Captain Biden needs to look at a cultural map,” Web, Oct. 24).

The founders failed to anticipate the exponential growth of technology and the accelerating pace of change that is now affecting nearly every aspect of our individual freedoms, security and prosperity. The increasingly powerful global forces this technology has created is also threatening the sustainability of our vital global environmental infrastructure.

Our founders intentionally established a government system that is very difficult to change. They didn’t anticipate a stubbornly bound two-party political system with increasing divisiveness reinforced by a vast majority of “We the People” willing to kill and die to defend such a system and ignoring the amendment system they gave us to change it. They fully understood that keeping our nation free and united required virtuous citizens.

For obvious reasons, the majority of those ratifying our Constitution refused to anticipate the consequences of codifying slavery, an injustice that led to a the killing of more Americans than all the wars we have fought since, combined. So much for “a more perfect union” to “establish justice.” They ignored Thomas Jefferson’s “fear that God is just.”

Mr. Piper blames our nation’s crumbling “supply chain” on a gay secretary of transportation blind to the fact that most of our supply chain is global. The lack of rational response to this blindness, he says, is exposing us to a growing list of threats including enormous debt, infectious disease, terrorism, refugees and Mr. Piper‘s constitutional view through rose-colored glasses. The map Mr. Piper refuses to see was given to us in the form of the Declaration of Independence.


Rockville, Md.

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