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Over the past 18 months, we have all witnessed the devastating harm wrought by a rogue administration that is asserting near-dictatorial powers in a relentless effort to keep our borders open. Marching in lockstep, President Biden and Democrats on Capitol Hill have created historic humanitarian, national security, public health and fiscal crises that are harming every city and state in the nation.

One thing is clear heading into November: The American people are appalled by what is going on and want to see it end.

When the 118th Congress opens with a new House majority — and possibly one in the Senate — it will be in large part because Americans rejected the Biden administration’s purposeful dismantling of our nation’s borders, as well as Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s amnesty-first legislative agenda. House Republicans will have a mandate to immediately act decisively to restore control of our borders, and just last week, they took a solid first step.

Over the past few months, my organization helped form a historic coalition of public interest groups and immigration officials, demanding that the Biden administration’s sabotage of border and interior enforcement stop immediately if Republicans take back one or both chambers of Congress this fall.

This growing chorus resonated with House Republican leaders, who, on July 29, finally released the framework for a border security bill that will be included in their upcoming Commitment to America.

The framework is an initial step to bring our borders under control, end abuse of our asylum system, curb the administration’s abuse of executive authority and address the growing threats of fentanyl, crime and terrorism. Above all, they categorically rejected the idea of amnesty for those here illegally.

It also amounts to a solemn commitment from House Republican leaders that they will act decisively on day one of the 118th Congress to advance legislation to address the border crisis once and for all. The American people will expect them to honor it.

Our largest-ever coalition that consulted with the task force in charge of drafting the framework has three priorities, starting with a strong border security bill similar to what they have outlined. But there is plenty more to be done come January.

House Republicans must conduct aggressive oversight of the Biden administration, including the impeachment of executive branch appointees who refuse to uphold their oaths of office to enforce immigration laws (looking at you, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas). They must also use the power of the purse to ensure that funds are spent on securing our borders, enforcing our laws and not being diverted to advance the Biden administration’s open borders agenda.

The crisis deliberately unleashed by the Biden administration and Democratic leaders to satisfy the demands of their radical base poses an unprecedented threat to the security and well-being of the American people. It must be met with an equally unprecedented response from the leadership of the new Congress next year.

The framework for action that House Republicans have issued is a promising one, and appears to represent the party’s united front. Our coalition is committed to seeing to it that Republican leaders carry through on their commitment by advancing similar legislation, conducting aggressive oversight and properly controlling the purse strings beginning on day one.

• R.J. Hauman is head of government relations and communications at the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

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