The liberal media ignores or distorts the facts voters need to make critical decisions. Republicans and conservatives need to expand their media sources to provide voters with those facts.

They should issue a sort of balance sheet listing President Biden’s executive orders, policies and Cabinet appointments, as well as the poor results these have brought. High fuel, utility, manufacturing and transportation costs have caused misery for most of our citizens. People are no longer secure in their homes, on the streets or in shopping areas. Police officers are overly constrained and mistreated, causing mass resignation and retirement.

We have a military that is being racially divided at a time when the need to work together is crucial. We have open borders that let in unvetted illegal immigrants responsible for escalating opioid and fentanyl deaths, sex trafficking, gang activity, rape and murder. We no longer have free speech, equal justice for all or parental control of children.

Republicans must get their message to voters on their plans to fix these problems, starting with return to energy independence and an improvement of our military readiness and morale. This is the United States of America and we should be proud of it.


Centerville, Massachusetts

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