There are a few inconvenient facts of history. First, America has participated in a 100-year, repetitive pattern of investing heavily in communist/autocratic countries when they sweet-talk us, and pulling back a little when they invade other countries or kill their own people. Consequently we have built Russia and China into the biggest monsters the world has ever known, all so our 1% class can waddle around strutting their billions while we adore them and try to be like them.

Secondly, America has preached the gospel of “it’s all good” for so long, we even have former presidents saying Russian President Vladimir Putin is all good, when it just isn’t so.

Thirdly, Biden could have prevented this juggernaut by the simple act of supporting the official Ukrainian neutrality that Russia desperately wanted, and every young democratic country needs. But he chose instead the photo ops and muscular speeches that fall into the lap of a wartime president whose party is sagging in the polls.


Woods Cross, Utah

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